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From Crayolas to Crystals 

  I grew up in the Midwest playing outdoors and daydreaming of things to create. Back then a box of Crayolas and a piece of paper were all I needed. Now I've graduated into the world of color, texture and style playing with beads and gemstones. 
The word "pea" is a synonym for "bead" and MyPrettyPea encompasses all things that sparkle! I love playing with beads and gemstones trying to create something beautiful. Living in south Florida has given me the inspiration to use colors and gemstones that are conducive to the beach and ocean. 
I studied Art and Visual Communications at Florida State University and worked in advertising as a Graphic Artist. When I grew tired of the corporate world, making jewelry seemed like something fun and creative to try.
I've done alot of traveling and my creations are inspired by all the different ways of combining color, shapes and techniques. Nature's colors are just amazing and such an inspiration to me. I always try to design a piece as if I were going to keep it. Maybe that is why more items are in my jewelry box than listed?
   I am always learning new techniques and trying to broaden my beading knowledge. So I invite you to check back frequently for new items. Thank you for visiting the world of MyPrettyPea.
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